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Any young person who is facing the prospect of looking for work in the current climate is probably not feeling that much is on their side as from hundreds of job applicants to mounting student debts, things couldn’t look bleaker if they tried.

Taking advice from someone who knows is always the way to go and if you can put your perfect job role to one side for just a moment you may find that the journey to successful employment is far simpler than you may have first envisaged.

The list below has some great tips and pearls of wisdom to help you get the career ball rolling and if you’ve just finished school, 6th form or university then read on and best of luck for the New Year.

Keep it simple

As with most best laid plans, keeping things simple and straight forward is always the best policy. If you have your CV and online profile up-to-date then you’re half way to achieving a successful conclusion to your quest for work. Next step is to make sure that you have both CV and profile checked by someone that you trust (preferably a teacher or professional) and then start applying for job roles.

Get some support

As mentioned, asking someone that you trust to check your work is just best practice as although you may feel that your CV and online profile looks great it may take a second or third pair of eyes to ensure checks are thorough and complete. Job centres, education support programmes and friends of the family are all great places to ask for support and the old adage: it’s not what you know it’s who you know is certainly still true to this day.

Do your research

If you’re applying for a role within a company or large organisation then do your research and make sure you’re contacting the correct member of staff. Telephone, email or just walk into reception in order to find out who you should be talking to so as to avoid getting your application form or CV thrown on the slush pile. If you have an interview then researching what you’ll be required to do and the company that you’ll be working for is simply common practice.

Get some experience

No matter what you do to gain experience this will certainly go along way to expressing your enthusiasm and drive to work. There’s nothing that stands out more for a potential employer than seeing that an applicant has tried their best to gain experience and from volunteering projects at home to gap year travel abroad, if you’re able to adjust and explain how you’ve spent your time out of work productively then you’ll be half way to achieving success.

Practice makes perfect

Interview techniques, writing applications and visiting temp/perm employment agencies are all what you’re going to need to do to get your foot into the world of work and although it maybe daunting for your first time, the more you do it then the better you’ll become. Don’t get down-hearted if you don’t get a job straight away, just keep on applying and attending interviews and agency meetings and you’ll soon be an old hand at the game and more than equipped when it comes to scoring that all-important role.

Don’t be too demanding

If you’ve got your eyes on a very specific prize then you may wish to down play your expectations as although it’s great to have a goal sometimes this can impede progress so you end up depressed and out of work. Taking a job in any field will get you valuable experience and money which are both essential for staying afloat prior to seizing that longed-for job. Any role in a large organisation is a good role and as long as you try hard and impress then the chance to move through internal application systems and knowing the company inside out will no doubt stand you in good stead.

The scatter gun approach

If you don’t have a particular role in mind or even if you do, using the scatter gun method of finding work can be a very useful means of finding employment. Basically, this involves applying to pretty much everything that comes your way either online or through newspapers and the more interviews you attend and the more research that you commit to the better. Looking for work is a job in itself and if you can apply to agencies, vacancies and HR departments on a daily basis then you may well be surprised with eventual outcomes.

Chris is a big fan of temporary employment agencies and can highly recommend a few months of early mornings doing the post to get you into the swing of things.


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