5 Careers You Can Land to After Majoring in Psychology

Psychology is one of the popular majors in college. There are a lot of students who dream to acquire this major. And if you are one of them, you have to do your best in order to make it. If you wish to become a psychologist someday, then you have to study hard and make sure to make your studies your number one priority. Any course that you will take in college will be challenging and difficult. That is why you really have to take it very seriously and there is no way for you to take it for granted.
There are a lot of careers which you can land to, aside from being a psychologist itself, after majoring in Psychology. Here are some of the careers which you may take into consideration after having a degree in Psychology:
1. Clinician
You can apply as a clinician once you had your bachelor’s degree in Psychology. A clinician is someone who administers psychological testing and scores them. They are not allowed to interpret results or give clinical assessments and they do work under a licensed psychologist. If you want to become a clinical psychologist, then you must pursue a Psychology course.
2. Human Resource Personnel
If you prefer the organizational setting rather than the clinical ones, then you may apply for a human resource personnel post. A human resource personnel task is mainly to assist the human resource manager in implementing policies and strategies throughout the organization. Also, one of its main duties is to maintain good performance and behavior of its employees.
3. Marriage and Family Therapist
One of the popular careers in clinical setting is becoming a marriage and family therapist. If you want a career like this, you need to have a masters in science or arts, pass the licensure exam and have thousands of intern hours. The main focus of this career is facilitating behavioral change in the marriage and family sphere.
4. School Counselor
After having a degree in Psychology and you realized that you want to work in a educational setting, then you can have a career as a school counselor. You will be concerned on the overall mental welfare of the school employees and students. Also, you will deal with troubled children who have problems at home and at school. You will help the parents in addressing the concerns of their child.
5. Psychiatrist
The requirements for being a doctor of psychiatrist differ from state to state. There are other states which only require a bachelor’s degree while others need you to finish medical school before being qualified. A psychiatrist specializes in the treatment of severely disturbed patients. So, if you are interested with this kind of career, then you have to work hard for it.
Having known these different careers which you can land to after majoring in Psychology, you will be more determined to pursue this course. It will really take a lot of time and effort before you will be able to achieve this degree. All you need to do is to give your best shot all the time. Nothing will ever be easy in this world. You just have to go through a lot of things, but you will eventually make it if you believe in yourself and if you keep the faith.
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