Mindfulness – What Does it Mean?


For many people when they hear the word “mindfulness” they are not sure what it means and if it is something that they can use in their everyday life. Simply put it means to practice living in the present moment along with experiencing things without judgment. It is something that Buddhists practice to work towards enlightenment. It is also an integral part of hatha yoga practice which is physical yoga discipline that trains your body so that you can work on your spirituality. Using mindfulness it can help you manage pain, cultivate personal awareness and help to reduce your stress level.

When you are practicing meditation mindfulness is the focus. During meditation practice you may engage in specific activities as walking or using hatha yoga which will have you moving through a number of poses and holding them for a various amount of time. You will also be working in a set order during hatha yoga to make sure that your muscle groups are warmed up slowly and worked evenly. If you decide to use mindfulness during a hatha yoga session you will work on stretching, strengthening and toning your body.

During these meditation and yoga practices you will cultivate mindfulness by quieting your thoughts about the past or future and instead notice what is going on in your body. Yes your mind will naturally wander but when you are cultivating mindfulness you will take note of the wandering and then you will bring your mind back to the present and to your mantra or breath. If you are new to yoga and meditation focusing on your breath and quietness are used in aiding meditation but some choose to recite a mantra which is a word or phrase that is spoken or chanted repeatedly to produce a soothing, pleasant sound that is quiet and helps to empty your mind so you can communicate with a higher power during meditation.

Mindfulness is something that can be practiced every day. It does not take any special equipment. You just need a quiet spot where you can meditate and you can even light some soothing scent candles to add to the mood. If you find yourself stressed out or facing a stressful situation you can take a few minutes out of your day to meditate and practice mindfulness. Doing it first thing in the morning will help you focus on the day ahead and doing it before bedtime will help you get a good night sleep.

Overtime mindfulness can help you develop the ability to be happy or calm at will because happiness is recognized as coming from within yourself. Some that have practiced mindfulness for a long period of time believe that it can become second nature and will help free you from the confinement of judgmental patterns you may have built up over the years. Practicing mindfulness during meditation and yoga daily will give you time to reflect on your thoughts along with taking note of your body and the smells and sounds of the external world.

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