Why are all of the psych majors I know so pretentious?

Question by Lee: Why are all of the psych majors I know so pretentious?
I’m sure not all psychology majors are pretentious, I probably just know some humble ones but I just don’t know they’re psych majors (because they’re humble) and obviously some in history could be called genius. But all of the ones I know seem to think they know everything about everyone around them based practically on how they sneeze. I’ve gotten into (civil) arguments with some before and they can’t help themselves but pull out the “…I learned that in my COLLEGE psychology course”. I even get it from fellow high school students in psychology. “Trust me, we learned about that in psychology. Its only natural for humans too…” As if all humans can follow any particular psychological standard. They even act like they know me better than I do. I want to go, “Really? What chapter of your psychology book was ‘Everything about Lee’s brain’?” Not trying to offend any psych majors here, but why do the ones I know seem to think they understand the workings of all mankind’s brains?

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Answer by coffeeshopnat
because they know you better than you know you.
or something

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  1. Common problem with people who have gone to college and accomplished little past that. “Well, I have a degree, so I’m right.”

    Really doesn’t matter. Claiming that you know more than someone else in a particular subject just because you learned it in college is fallacious. Namely, ‘appeal to authority’

    The real world has so much more to it than what can be learned in college. I’ve seen many people throughout school just regurgitate text and teacher speak to pass the class. There are so many factors – that said degree doesn’t necessarily mean much at all. Not to say that it doesn’t, just that it alone is not proof of anything other than you know how to pass a class in school.

    Citing a particular line out a renowned text on the spot would be a lot more convincing than just saying, “Well I have a degree, so I’m right.”

    Certainly annoying when people do that, I’m with ya.

  2. The first question to ask is, WHY did they chose that subject? ~
    Mostly I find because they need to hide who they really are (insecure!) and because they are control freaks that want to arm themselves for that passion.
    The type of people I avoid at all cost.

  3. Maybe at first all the theories and explanations about the human mind are not only exciting but enhance the confidance because you now fee as though you have explanations for things that were confusing in the past. Then as time passes you start to see that there are many explantions for everything and it is all just bull. Now you have confidance that you can just make it all up and nobody can prove you wrong.

  4. Hey! I resemble that remark!

    Actually, the more one studies and practices psychology, the less pretentious one should become because there is so much more we don’t know about human behavior than we actually do know.

    No one is more “dangerous” than someone who is barely beginning his/her studies in the field of psychology.

  5. Because it’s easy to believe that everything follows a natural path and everyone acts according to particular rules. In reality, much is subject to factors besides just basic psychology. Therefore, how can anyone really predict anything about another person without a shadow of a doubt? They can’t. It’s not possible. Sure, psychology improves your understanding of the world– but take it too far, and you’re being pretentious, just like you said.

  6. Maybe they are just identifying with your problems. Hey, I’m a nurse and every psychologist or therapist or psychiatrist I’ve known had a screw loose….and the good ones know it!! That’s why they study psychology in the first place; to help understand themselves. Godloveya, honey.

  7. I think that the reason is that a heck of a lot of people go into psych who are RIGHT-BRAINED–right-lobed individuals who are Type-A, analytical, picky-picky people!! I think that the field may be dominated by statistic-people!! Left-lobers are those who see the BIG PICTURE–the creative ones who are dyametically opposite from the analytical, detail people who see the small detailed world in front of them! –As you might have perceived, I’m a left-lober. I was left-handed until the First Grade and in 1935, EVERYONE HAD TO BE RIGHT-HANDED!! I was forced to change and of course, my speech went to pieces, stuttered, and couldn’t memorize the WHOLE WORD that we had to memorize for “reading”! UGH! I had to repeat 1st Grade and with the same teacher who had flunked me! MISERY! But I finally adapted to seeing the world the way they did; found a kind of auto-genic memorization process that allowed me to regurgitate the correct answers on tests and went on to college. My saving grace was during my 30′s when I went to UC Berkeley for graduate school; got to run Tolman’s bright strain of rats and realized that I was THINKING, for the first time in my life!! I went on and got my MA in Guidance and Counseling, with a lot of good clinical training, and worked on an Ed Specialist;. I worked as therapist for 21 yrs with very troubled adolescents (many were left-handed) and now am retired–enjoying my kids and grandchildren. PS, I think the percentage of left-lobe people may be only 20% or less of the general population!!

  8. Ok I know what you mean when working on my degree my BS
    I knew it all I knew how to help the world O Yea I was a animal along with all the others
    Next the humble time why I didn’t know that much I was just over the edge of arrogant not as smart as I knew I was ..

    Then the next level I read more work harder and knew to go into the area I was going into I needs more work…

    My friends would sit with me and laugh about how went from know it all to learn it all in 5 years