Top 10 Famous Zoologists That Made a Difference


Zoology, also referred to as animal biology, has been attracting many great minds over the course of many centuries. The discipline is well regarded as one of the most enlightening sources of knowledge on the planet. Zoologists observe several phenomena occurring in the animal kingdom and try to explain their connection with nature. Many important works of zoologists have been read in school textbooks and watched on TV.

Here are 10 of the most famous ones that made notable contributions to the field of humanity.

1. Charles Darwin

‘The theory of evolution’ is considered to be one of the most groundbreaking works in the field of sciences. Hailing from Britain, Charles Darwin was the first zoologist to propose this theory. Back in the 19th century when everyone believed that god was the creator of all organisms on the planet, researches by Darwin led the masses to question whether it really was so! Based on fieldworks and researches throughout the world, Darwin observed that animals and plants actually adapt to the conditions of nature over generations.

2. Jane Goodall

The famous British zoologist Jane Goodall is respected throughout the world for her intensive and detailed 45 years of work on chimpanzees and their biological and cognitive similarities with human beings. Millions of people throughout the world have closely observed her work through the documentaries aired on National Geographic Channel.

3. Alfred Russel Wallace

Alfred Russel Wallace was another major contributor to the theory of evolution. He put forward a concept named ‘natural selection’ where he analyzed the impact of nature upon the process of evolution of organisms. He is also regarded as one of the earliest scholars who observed and communicated about the negative effects of human activities on the environment. Along with Darwin he is considered to be one of the major contributors of modern zoology.

4. Stephen Robert Irwin

Popularly known as ‘Crocodile Hunter’, Australian zoologist Irwin rose to fame through his brave documentaries about wild animals. He observed and communicated to people about the behavior and nature of several species of wild animals including crocodiles and snakes. His passionate presentation of animal life in his television shows has enticed a lot of new people to the exciting world of zoology.

5. Dian Fossey

Dian Fossey is well known for her unbiased and detailed observations of the activities of gorillas. The observations shed new light on the behavior and habits of gorilla. Dian spent 18 years with gorillas in Rwanda. Her activism for saving gorilla by protecting their habitats is echoed by environmentalists throughout the world.

6. James Henry Fleming

James Henry Fleming is considered to be one of the pioneers in the fields of ornithology, a branch of zoology that studies about birds. Over his lifetime he saved the specimens of nearly 32,000 species of birds. His observations of the bird’s world gave the world unprecedented knowledge about the nature of birds.

7. Richard Dawkins

Dawkins is well known through his famous book titled ‘The Selfish Gene’. His epitomic work was published in the book which talked about the role of genes in evolution of species. Dawkins is considered as one of the pioneers of the modern evolutionary biology.

8. Frederick William Frohawk

Frohawk worked primarily on birds and butterflies. He collected the specimens of thousands of butterflies throughout his lifetime. He also worked on birds. His research on ‘dodo’ also called the ‘foolish bird’ shed light on the nature and characteristics of these extinct species.

9. David Attenborough

One of the major modern contributors to the field of zoology is considered to be David Attenborough. His comprehensive survey of the animal kingdom throughout the world is considered by many new students be the inspiration for entering the field of zoology. His work has widely been observed through international channels like BBC and Discovery Channel.

10. Carl Linnaeus

Swedish scientist Linnaeus contributed to the understanding and knowledge of animals by creating a modern version of animal taxonomy. He also gave some theories on human and animal evolutionary patterns that even hold relevance to this day.

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