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graduate University guides and subject profiles provide immeasurable help to students.  They share a glimpse of what it is to study in particular campuses, as well as, how the course programme is bound to stretch the student’s potential.

For those rooting for Psychology, you are guaranteed to be met by a rich literature of guides and profiles.  This one particular (yes, the one you’re currently ogling) is set to provide the accurate picture of a would-be psychology student.

May you find comfort in knowing who you really are, in context to the course, Psychology.

It is for people who love to investigate.

Tap on the sciences, and then back to observable behaviours – these are two of the weights that you’d have to balance.  Both variables are bound to be used for your investigation.  The course and field itself is collectively a mission towards understanding the body’s system (e.g., nerves and brains), tying it with the various impulses and reactions that occur inside our bodies.

The ultimate result lies in successfully uncovering the bodily story behind the behaviours people manifest.  Psychology, therefore, is for people who are passionate about these particular mysteries.  And as it is for most mysteries, a Psych student opts to study, discover and reveal the human phenomena.

It is for people who hunt for patterns.

A considerable chunk of the Psychology course is expected to tackle social psychology.  At this rate, students will be looking at a larger collective or population.  Embedded within such bigger scope are interesting explanations behind the collective behaviour.

In line to this ‘investigation,’ students will have to be sensitive to this embedded information.  They need to learn how to siphon interesting patterns and develop their own research instincts.

As with data involving a heavy number of respondents (or subject population), students have to learn to fight that overbearing feeling.  They must actively equip themselves with the right set of armoury to brave huge data bodies.

It is for those rooting for transferable skills.

Research and communication skills are just two of the most popular skills gained via the Psychology route.  Students may also acquire writing acumen, as the course demands several paper-works.  Other coveted skills include interpretation, problem-solving, and critical thinking.

Three checks!

If you find that you are fond of all three – investigation, patterns, and transferable skills – it’s time to gear up for application.  Start collecting your records, read stuff about your prospective universities and course programmes.

You have to try to match the course with your qualifications.  This time, you will have to be very realistic to get nearer to the specific Psychology programme that you like.  The same thing applies to your coveted uni.

Furthermore, you don’t have to do all the digging to yourself.  You can also tap your school career counsellor’s shoulder or tag with all of your Psych-prospecting friends.  Attending Open Days is also encouraged.  Do discuss your options with your parents as they can always proffer great advice, aside from support, well-wishes, and financial aid, too.


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